New Content for a Globalizing World

This year Learning Life has been quietly working on our Citizen Diplomacy Initiative (CDI).  Since 2013, Learning Life worked on creative projects printing information of public value on everyday surfaces, like napkins, coasters and even fortune cookie slips (you can learn more about these early projects here).  Starting in January of this year though, we have shifted our focus to CDI, which aims to advance international peace and youth and family development by nurturing live internet dialogue and project collaborations between families in different countries.

We will have more to tell about CDI as it develops, but for now you may have noticed that our latest Learning Life website educational content — our quizzes and five facts in particular — have accordingly taken a decidedly international turn.  For this post, we want to share with you links to all of our international facts and quizzes.  Feel free to favorite this post as we will update it as our able volunteers produce more interesting and timely international content.

Five Facts on…

World Trade
How World Affairs Affect Us All
International Migration
How Women Fare in the U.S. vs. Other Nations
Africa’s Population Explosion
Boko Haram
The Problem of “Outer Space Junk”
Global Food Insecurity
The Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant (ISIL)
The Ebola Virus
Climate Change


Acronyms: International Organizations
Country Quiz: Argentina
Country Quiz: China
Country Quiz: Egypt
Country Quiz: El Salvador
Country Quiz: India
Country Quiz: Jordan
Country Quiz: Mexico
Country Quiz: Philippines
Country Quiz: Senegal
Country Quiz: Syria
History of Slavery
Introduction to Islam
Slavery Today
Terrorism Facts
The United Nations
World Geography 1
World Population 1
World Population 2
World War I History