Introducing the “We Are Family Diplomats” Poster Series

Learning Life is pleased to announce the launch of our “We Are Family Diplomats” poster series.  Each poster in the series features a different family, and is intended to encourage people worldwide to join Learning Life’s Family Diplomacy Initiative on Facebook.

The Pandeya Family (Nepal)Learning Life established the Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) in 2016 to advance a family form of citizen diplomacy given families are (a) widely valued across cultures, (b) deeply impacted by world events, from climate change to immigration to disease transmission, yet (c) have little voice, as families, in international affairs. (Click here for five reasons why families should be involved in diplomacy.)  FDI began in summer 2016 with test live internet dialogues between lower-income families in Washington DC, Dakar, Senegal, and Porto de la Libertad, El Salvador.  From 2017 to 2019, we completed a community photo project then a food culture and nutrition project, each engaging ten lower-income families in the USA, El Salvador, Senegal and Jordan.  In so doing, FDI leveraged the internet to engage families that don’t have the luxury to travel abroad in world learning.  Since summer 2019, we have more than tripled the number of families connected to our FDI Facebook Group as we enter into a new, scaled-up phase of the Family Diplomacy Initiative.

The “We Are Family Diplomats” poster series helps publicize FDI, and encourages families around the world to join and participate.  Each poster features a family’s photo, plus their completion of the sentence: “We are family diplomats because…” Over the next seven weeks, we will share the first seven posters to FDI on Facebook, and via Learning Life’s social media pages on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  Highlighted here is the Pandeya Family’s poster.

Any families that wish to be highlighted on a future poster should email us (1) their country of residence, (2) a clear, high-resolution photo of their family, and (3) their brief completion of the sentence “We are family diplomats because…” to

Thanks to Learning Life intern Allison Miller for her assistance in the design of the “We Are Family Diplomats” posters.