Intern Spotlight: Nick Burton

Special thanks to Learning Life intern Ehvyn McDaniels and volunteer Craig Gusmann for helping to draft Nick’s profile.


Virginia native Nick Burton enjoys a good challenge, especially if that challenge involves writing, sports, the internet, or business.

A graduate of W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax, Virginia, and Potomac State College of West Virginia, Nick served as the editor of The Pasquino, Potomac State’s student newspaper. While the majority of the articles he wrote focused on-campus news, Nick also covered broader issues, like the future of Apple, and the potential for world war in Syria.

Nick BurtonThis past summer, Nick helped Learning Life with a variety of work including increasing our following on our social media pages, researching funding sources, and gathering facts on varied topics from financial literacy to Washington D.C history, to violence against women worldwide.

Nick recently took the time to answer some further questions about him.

Where were you born? Fairfax, Virginia

What’s your current occupation?  I’m a student at Ohio University

What are your hobbies? I love sports. I love to root for all of the D.C. area sports teams – the Nationals, Redskins, and Capitals. I also like to play around with social media and website development in my spare time, honing my entrepreneur skills. I once created a website called “Rap Game Versace Flame” where I posted daily videos, links, and articles on hip hop culture.

Where would your dream vacation happen? Hawaii!

Are there talents or skills you wish you had, or hope to learn?  I want to develop the ability to dunk a basketball.

What do you want to become in life? A business owner and millionaire. This fall, I’ve started as a freshman at Ohio University. I am majoring in business, and hope to use what I learn to become an entrepreneur. I am interested in anything from online marketplaces to restaurant chains. I find the idea of being my own boss and paving my own path extremely appealing.

Why did you choose to intern with Learning Life? I chose to intern with Learning Life because working with a developing nonprofit can be a very fun and exciting experience. I also really wanted to do something that had some meaning to it, rather than just sitting in a cubicle doing paperwork that has barely any impact. With Learning Life, I got to help teach people in a unique way.

We at Learning Life thank Nick for his help this past summer, and wish him the best in his pursuits at Ohio University and beyond!

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