Five Updates on Our Activities

Learning Life has been busy in September!

First, as noted in previous posts, we are developing a for-profit partner that will pursue some of our work in Washington D.C. and eventually beyond. Specifically, that partner will use advertising-funded napkins distributed in restaurants, bars, cafes and other eateries in Washington D.C. to help inform and engage the public. You can learn more about this Napkin Education Initiative on our Metro D.C. page. We expect the initiative to launch in November or December.

Paul LachelierSecond, we have also been hard at work creating the content for our new Metro D.C. Weekly Learn. This new, free and local educational initiative will offer via email interesting facts and perspectives on the politics, economics, demographics and history of the Washington D.C. metro area. We expect to start disseminating the Weekly Learn in early October, so sign up now!

Third, we have just moved the Learning Life website to a new server to allow us more control. In this transition, we’re taking the opportunity to make a few changes to the homepage. Please be patient with us as we work to improve the homepage as well as reconnect our quizzes and photos on many of our pages.

Fourth, we are pleased to have a new fall intern, Shuo Wang (she goes by Gladys). A graduate student in information systems technology at George Washington University’s School of Business, Gladys brings considerable technical skills she is putting to use helping with the server transition, the Learning Life homepage changes, and soon, the development of our for-profit partner’s own website. Look for a profile of Gladys in an upcoming issue of our monthly newsletter.

Fifth and finally, we are pleased to announce several new educational releases on our website:

1) Five facts on food and genetic engineering

2) A new quiz on food and genetic engineering

3) Expert answers to a new Big Question: is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

Thanks to Learning Life volunteer Craig Gusmann for his excellent work researching and writing the above three new releases, and to Craig and Georgetown student Ehvyn McDaniels for drafting our latest profile, this one on summer intern, Nick Burton.

Stay tuned for more news in next month’s newsletter!

Paul Lachelier, Ph.D.