Genetic engineering (GE) is the subject of considerable debate in the domains of agriculture, health, law and ethics.  Despite the growing number of farmers worldwide that use GE crops and the now long-term use of GE animals in health studies, many people do not fully understand what GE is or how it is being used.  Learning Life offers this quiz to test your knowledge and encourage learning on this important public topic.   

Special thanks to Learning Life Content Writer Craig Gusmann for drafting this quiz.  

1. True or False: Genetic engineering means altering the genetics of an organism.


2. True or False: The U.S. government allows some genetically engineered foods to be labeled as organic foods.


3. Which of the following is not one of the benefits ascribed to the genetic engineering of food?


4. True or False: A small percentage of meat in the U.S. food supply is genetically engineered.


5. GE foods generally contain higher levels of _______ than non-GE foods.