Help Build A More Caring, Connected World: Join a Learning Life Board

Want to help build a more caring and connected world?

Do you have skills, experience, and/or connections that could help?

Help Learning Life build family diplomacy worldwide by applying to join our founding Board of Directors (BOD), or Board of Advisors (BOA).

Learning LifeAbout Learning Life

Learning Life is a Washington DC-based, nonprofit lab devoted to spreading learning beyond school walls.  In our increasingly interconnected yet divided world, we develop innovative learning communities in order to nurture more caring, capable and connected global citizens.  Learning Life runs three programs: (1) our flagship program, the Family Diplomacy Initiative, connects families online worldwide to share and learn together with an eye to developing a new form of citizen diplomacy for a more caring world. (2) Our International Mentoring Program connects caring mentors with youth in DC and abroad to help open the world to children from lower-income families. (3) Our Democracy Dinners bring together metro DC academics, professionals, activists and elected officials to talk about democracy’s local to global challenges and opportunities amidst authoritarian resurgence.

Board Members We Seek

Learning Life is preparing to form our own federally-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in early 2021, so we are now recruiting members for our founding Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

For the Board of Directors: We seek 4-6 accomplished and connected professionals to serve on the founding BOD.  We welcome all interested candidates, though we are especially interested in finding an accountant or bookkeeper, an attorney, an international education specialist, a diplomacy professional, and professionals with substantial fundraising experience.  No fundraising experience is necessary, but BOD members must be willing to help meet fundraising goals.  BOD members do not need to live in the metro Washington DC area, but should live in the USA.  Learning Life seeks BOD diversity by gender, occupation and race.

For the Board of Advisors: We seek up to 30 accomplished and connected professionals to serve on the founding BOA.  We are looking for individuals with substantial work experience and/or research-based expertise in one or more of these areas: nonprofit planning and administration, fundraising, communications, marketing, program management, research and evaluation, youth mentoring, online collaborative learning, educational technology, international education, educational psychology, diplomacy, democracy and governance, and citizen, youth or family engagement.  BOA members can live anywhere in the world.  We seek BOA diversity by gender, occupation and race.

Board Member Duties

Founding BOD and BOA members will serve for at least one year, starting in January 2021.

BOD members are expected to:

  1. Attend BOD meetings every two months.
  2. Lead or assist in BOD work between meetings as needed.
  3. Fundraise as a BOD team, with assistance from Learning Life staff.

BOA members are expected to:

  1. Attend BOA meetings every three months.
  2. Advise Learning Life’s staff and/or Board of Directors as needed.
  3. Donate at whatever level you are comfortable with to help advance Learning Life’s work.
Benefits & Contact Information

BOD and BOA members have the opportunity to deepen their nonprofit leadership experience, make valuable local to global connections, and help build an innovative international educational nonprofit in its next phase of development.  If interested, please send your resume to, and indicate 2-3 times in the next 1-2 weeks that you are free for a two-way interview to learn more about you and us.  Learning Life’s Director, Paul Lachelier, will email you to schedule the interview if there appears to be a good fit.