Why learn about Alexandria history, or any community history?  History does not just occur on national and international stages.  History happens locally to globally.  Indeed, just as the late Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, famously said “all politics is local,” one might say all history is local.  All history occurs in local communities, no matter how momentous the outcomes for regions, nations and the world. 

This quiz offers a few highlights from Alexandria’s remarkably long and rich history.  The answers come with a link to the Historic Alexandria page containing a wealth of information and connections to the city’s history museums.

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1. True or False: The first deliberate killings in the U.S. Civil War occurred in Alexandria.


2. Which of the following musicians graduated from high school in Alexandria in 1961?


3. True or False: Alexandria was founded 24 years before Washington D.C.


4. Which U.S. President was a trustee of the City of Alexandria?


5. Which famous Civil War General lived most of his youth in Alexandria?