Why study Alexandria history, or any community history?  History does not just occur on national and international stages.  History happens locally to globally.  Indeed, just as the late Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, famously said “all politics is local,” one might say all history is local.  All history occurs in local communities, no matter how momentous the outcomes for regions, nations and the world. 

This ten-question quiz offers a few highlights of the history of Alexandria, VA, a city with a remarkably long and rich history.  The answers come with a link to the Historic Alexandria webpage containing a wealth of information and connections to the city’s history museums.

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1. George Washington was a member of what fraternal organization that built a memorial in Alexandria in his honor?


2. On July 18, 1774, George Washington, George Mason and other leading Alexandrians gathered at the Courthouse on Market Square in Alexandria to approve what document asserting colonists’ rights under British Law – a forerunner of the American Declaration of Independence?


3. True or False: During the Revolutionary War, Alexandria served as a prisoner of war camp for Native Americans who fought on the side of the British.


4. How many American soldiers – Confederate and Union – died during the U.S. Civil War?


5. True or False: The American Red Cross was founded during the U.S. Civil War.


6. During the Civil War, the Executive Secretary of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, which managed the health and sanitation of Union troops during the war, was:


7. Which U.S. President was a trustee of Alexandria?


8. Which famous Revolutionary War General lived in Alexandria, as did his son, who became a famous Civil War General?


9. Which famous U.S. Supreme Court case established the Court’s power of “judicial review,” that is, its power to review the constitutionality of government officials’ actions?


10. When was Alexandria, Virginia founded?