About Our PhotoVoice Project

Note: This working document (updated 2/21/17) is written for parents and children participating in Learning Life’s Citizen Diplomacy Initiative.


Learning Life’s Citizen Diplomacy Initiative engages lower-income American families, starting in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington D.C., in live internet dialogues and project collaborations with lower-income families in other nations to nurture more informed, skilled, connected and caring global citizens.   This international photovoice project will be the first of a series of projects we work on together over months and years in what we hope is a long-term relationship.  The electronic photo album that results from this project will form part of a growing personal and collective portfolio of products – photo albums, art works, videos, research reports, articles, etc. — documenting your local community engagement, international collaborations, and your developing skills, knowledge, connections and experiences.

Project Description

James practices photographyThe project’s outcome will be an album of selected photos from participating families in the USA and Senegal, to begin with.  Over the course of about 3-4 months of live, international, family-to-family dialogues starting in February 2017, you will receive basic training in photography and how to think about community change, take photos in your community in answer to the project question “what is the past, present and future of your community?“, together select the best photos for the album, then present the album to interested observers locally and internationally via the internet.

The electronic album will thus compare your “photo voices” — that is, your views through photos you take from your personal, cultural and geographic standpoints in different communities on Earth — in answer to this community change question.  We expect that this initial photovoice project will identify community issues that family participants want to explore and address in subsequent CDI project collaborations.

As CDI expands, and more families in more communities across the world complete their own photovoice projects, we will gather the growing number of photos in answer to that same question (and other questions down the line) at Learning Life’s website in a kind of electronic photo mural giving viewers a global photovoice perspective from participants across the Earth.

Project Goals
  1. Develop your photography and public presentation skills
  2. Develop your knowledge of issues in your community and other communities abroad
  3. Produce a shared photo album demonstrating your developing experience and skills
  4. Identify community issues of shared interest to explore in follow-up CDI projects
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Interested in learning more, or getting involved as a family or project volunteer?  Contact us at email@learninglife.info.