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Learning Life is a small nonprofit that does a lot of innovative and important democracy and diplomacy work with little money (more about us here).  Nonetheless, we need to build our base of donors to expand our reach, increase our impact, and develop our long-term financial health, because no healthy nonprofit depends on government, foundation or business grants alone.  Given our small size, you can have a big financial impact by joining our Fundraising Team.  Fundraising also helps you strengthen your social network as you develop a widely marketable skill.  All kinds of business, nonprofit and government agencies look for people with fundraising skills.  Moreover, executive directors and other key leaders, especially in the nonprofit sector, are generally expected to be successful fundraisers.

In 2022, Learning Life has a goal to raise $30,000 in individual donations.  As a Fundraising Team member, you first simply set your own fundraising goal (minimum of $500) in consultation with Learning Life’s founder and director, Paul Lachelier.  Paul then connects you with fellow Fundraising Team members via email, reports progress, and checks in with you monthly, offering any ideas and support you need.  Support can include assistance from Learning Life interns with research or outreach, and from Paul with meeting any individual or group you recommend.

To join the Fundraising Team, simply schedule a meeting with Paul using his Calendly.  When you schedule, please note in Calendly “interested in joining the Fundraising Team,” and Paul will send you a Zoom to meet online at the time you schedule with him.

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