Sponsor a Family Diplomat

Think family is important?  Then, help Learning Life give voice to families worldwide.

Across the world, families are widely valued, directly impacted by global trends and events, yet they are given little to no voice in the decisions of governments, businesses, media and nonprofits that affect their lives. Since 2016, Learning Life has been developing the Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI), a long-term effort to build a more peaceful, caring world by empowering families to participate in policy decision-making at local to global levels.

Yes, we’re ambitious, but we’re cost-effectively leveraging the power of family and the internet, and we’re making progress: we have over 11,000 people worldwide connected to FDI, and now we are beginning to train family diplomats (FDs) online to advocate effectively for families.  You can meet some of our FDs here.  Every Sunday from July 10 to October 23, 2022, live via Zoom, FD trainees will learn about citizen diplomacy plus what is happening to families worldwide, then selected trainees will get to practice family storytelling.

You can help by investing in family diplomacy:

$1,000 Gold Sponsors support one FD trainee through the full 2022 training.

$500 Silver Sponsors support one FD trainee through half their 2022 training.

$250 Bronze Sponsors support one FD trainee through a quarter of their 2022 training.

All sponsors are announced (unless you or your organization wish to remain anonymous) via Learning Life’s website, e-newsletter, and social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter), reaching over 25,000 people worldwide, and become members of our Democracy & Diplomacy Community (DDC).  All sponsors also get invited to special international family diplomacy events. Gold and Silver Sponsors, in addition, have the opportunity to be profiled at Learning Life’s website.  Here is an example of a sponsor/stakeholder profile.  Sponsor contributions are tax deductible, except for $100 which pays for DDC membership benefits.

To become a FD Sponsor, click here, and indicate in the “Note” box if you would like to (a) be identified as a Gold, Silver or Bronze FD sponsor, and (b) be profiled at Learning Life’s website.