Support Learning Life: Host a Democracy Dessert

Want a fun, social way to support Learning Life’s Democracy Learning Community (DLC) in the Washington DC area?

In our time, when democracy faces multiple threats, there is no lack of ideas and proposals to strengthen democracy, but democratic institutions and behavior do not tend to follow.  One reason is that many people find democracy slow, boring and acrimonious, which for some people makes it less attractive than decisive authoritarian leaders, and for many, less attractive than the fast-moving, eye-catching, commercial products of the entertainment industry.  Overcoming these challenges requires, among other things, bringing democracy closer to people through activities that connect, inform, entertain, and inspire collaborations — from democracy speed networking, skills workshops and collaboration conferences, to dinners, markets and festivals, and…Democracy Desserts.

Democracy Dessert hosts invite their friends, family and/or colleagues, on a weekend afternoon or evening for 2-3 hours to socialize, learn about the DLC, and enjoy dessert in-person at the host’s home.  Since the Desserts are typically fundraisers, the invitation should request each guest or couple to contribute to the DLC via Learning Life’s donation page.  Set your own fundraising goal (minimum of $750), and accordingly, invite however many people you need to reach that goal, with the understanding that at least 2/3 or 3/4 people you invite may not be available on the Dessert date you set, about 1/4 to 1/3 of those who confirm may not show up, and some may contribute without attending.  We recommend setting the contribution level at $100 for individuals, and $150 for couples or families, but you can set your own levels.  Guests who contribute $100 (per person) become members of Learning Life’s Democracy & Diplomacy Community.

The process of hosting a Democracy Dessert can be summarized in five steps:

    1. Create a list of friends, family and/or colleagues you would like to invite to your Democracy Dessert. We suggest your list have at least 36 people in order to arrive at a minimum of 12 people who RSVP their plans to attend.  If you like, we can work with you to selectively invite other Learning Life supporters outside your network to help you reach your attendance goal.
    2. Consult with Learning Life’s founder and director, Paul Lachelier, to set a date, time and agenda for your Democracy Dessert.  We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours: the first hour for socializing, another hour for DLC presentation and discussion, and any remaining time for further socializing.
    3. Send out your Evite, or email invitation to your friends, family and/or colleagues at least two weeks in advance, with a couple of reminders in the days prior to the event.  We can take care of the email invitation for you via Evite if you like, or provide you with an email template.
    4. Please make or buy whatever desserts or sweets and drinks you think your guests will enjoy.
    5. Enjoy your Democracy Dessert!

Interested in hosting a Democracy Dessert?  Schedule a time to meet with Paul Lachelier to discuss using his Calendly.

Thank you for your support!