Learning Life Milestones since 2016

This timeline provides a historical overview of Learning Life’s development from 2016, when the first of our three programs, the Family Diplomacy Initiative, was established.   


January: Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) planning and organizing begin. 

August 27: First live international family dialogue between families in DC and Dakar.  Details here

December 30: Report issued of Learning Life’s accomplishments in 2016, engaging 50+ volunteers, conducting seven live international family dialogues, and producing 25+ FDI fact sheets, news posts, website pages, program and dialogue guides, etc.  Details here.


August: Completion of FDI Project 1: an online community photo project engaging 24 participants from eight families in Washington DC, USA, Dakar, Senegal, and Jerash, Jordan. 

December 27: Full report of Project 1 released.  


May 31: First mentors meeting and start of Learning Life’s International Mentoring Program to help open the world to kids from lower-income families. 

October 26: Project 1 research article “Democratize Diplomacy!  Family-to-Family Collaboration for a Better World” published in Childhood Education.  

December 30: Report issued of Learning Life’s accomplishments in 2018, including launch of the Mentoring Program and Cook, Eat & Learn Sessions, plus successful completion of a pilot Global Storytelling Challenge.  Details here.   


June 23: First Learning Life Democracy Dinner.

July: Completion of FDI Project 2: an online food culture project engaging 24 participants from eight families in Washington DC, USA, San Salvador, El Salvador, and Dakar, Senegal. Details here.  

November 7: Mentoring Program reaches 100 mentor-mentee meetings.

December 18: Release of first four Learning Life international silent stories engaging Washington DC youth as actors.   

December 29: Report issued of Learning Life’s accomplishments in 2019, including doubling of FDI Facebook Group membership, 33% growth in Mentoring Program size, and new partnerships.  Details here.     


April 1: FDI Facebook Group grows to 500 members worldwide.

August 31 Release of second four Learning Life international silent stories engaging youth from the USA, El Salvador, India and Australia as actors.   

September 20: FDI Facebook Group grows to 1,000 members worldwide.

November 15: First multinational FDI live family dialogue engages 39 participants from nine nations in discussion of preliminary findings of FDI Project 3.  Details here

December 30: Completion of FDI Project 3: an online food culture project engaging 60+ participants in 35 nations.  Details here


January 4: Report issued of Learning Life’s accomplishments in 2020, including quadrupling FDI Facebook Group’s worldwide membership, completion of largest scale FDI dialogue project yet, and more.  Details here.    

January 17: First meeting of inaugural Family Diplomacy Ambassador (FDA) Team.

January 25: First meeting of inaugural Board of Directors (BOD).   

January 28:  Mentoring Program reaches 500 mentor-mentee meetings.

 February 18 and 21: First meetings of inaugural Board of Advisors (BOA).

June 10: FDI Facebook Group grows to 5,000 members worldwide.

July 21: Learning Life celebrates its 25th Democracy Dinner

July 23: Learning Life receives IRS recognition as an independent U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  

August 24: Paul Lachelier and Mike Morrow’s article “America Needs Democracy Learning Communities” is published online at The Fulcrum, and picked up by other online news media including Gulf Today, The Marietta Daily Journal, Salem News, and The Post Bulletin.

Fifth 2021 International Family Dialogue Focuses on Politics

This Sunday, October 10, more than 40 people from 15+ countries (Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Italy, Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China, etc.) joined Learning Life for the fifth of six live international family dialogues via Zoom focused on the question: how does politics impact family health and safety?

The six-dialogues series is part of the Family Diplomacy Initiative, Learning Life’s flagship program devoted to connecting families across borders to share and learn together. The October 10 dialogue started with a brief video about the dialogues, then some context from Learning Life’s founder, Paul Lachelier, then discussion of a variety of political issues impacting families, including war, refugee crises, religious discrimination, corruption, authoritarian rule, oppression of LGBTQ people, restrictive adoption laws, health insurance coverage for families, and more.

To view the full video-recorded dialogue, click here.

All six family dialogues are free, and are held, in English, on Sundays, 12:00-1:30pm EST (New York time) via Zoom. Each dialogue has a different date and topic as follows:

June 27: Global Trends in Family Life: How are families changing worldwide, and how does this impact family health and security?  Topics might include global patterns and trends in family demographics, parenting, childhood, family life, aspirations and viewpoints, etc.

July 25: Health Care Systems: How do health care systems shape family health and security?  What exists and what’s lacking in local-to-global health care institutions? What are some of the major global health trends, threats, and some of the most promising large-scale solutions?

August 15: Work & Economics: How do economic forces affect family health and security?  Topics might include work and unemployment, workplace safety, automation, income and wealth inequality, economic migration and remittances, work-life balance, etc.

September 12: The Environment: How do natural and man-made environmental conditions, local to global, impact family health and security?  Topics might include home and neighborhood crime and safety, community life, green space, housing and segregation, transportation, pollution, climate change, etc.

October 10: Politics: How do local to global politics influence family health and security?  Topics might include government service provision, leadership, civil society, governmental power inequalities between and within nations, immigration and refugee policy, war, human rights, rule of law, corruption, legal discrimination, etc.

November 14: Education & Leisure: How do education and leisure time activities influence family health and security? Topics might include formal and informal education, leisure patterns and trends, literacy, early childhood education, gender and class inequalities, etc.

To participate in the dialogues, please complete this pre-dialogues survey. The survey offers more information plus the Zoom link for all the dialogues. Note: Because these are family dialogues, we encourage (but do not require) you to participate with one or more members of your family in the same room, whether siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, in-laws or other family members. If family members are not available or willing, please invite one or more friends or housemates. Everyone who plans to attend at least one of the six family dialogues should fill out the pre-survey linked above.

Enter to Win an International Prize

Like international affairs?  

Want to help build a more caring world?  

Want a really easy way to enter to win an international prize, worth $96-$118? 

Just join the Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) on Facebook, and tell us you joined!  Here’s how:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/familydiplomacy  
  2. Click the “Join Group” button
  3. Type below “I joined!” 

That’s it!  To increase your chances of winning, share the link to this post with your family members, and ask them to each take the three steps above.

Learning Life will announce the winner at a special live international event on Sunday, October 24 via Zoom (you can learn more and register for that event here), and if you are the winner, we will contact you via Facebook to ask which of the 4 prizes below you want.  Choose 2 of the 4 prizes, or double of 1: 

  1. $59 for one year of National Geographic — print magazine and digital (lots of articles, photos and videos all accessible via your smart phone, or laptop!)  
  2. $50 toward a language learning service you want to use
  3. $50 donation on your behalf to an international nonprofit of your choice
  4. USA only: $48 worth of tasty snacks from around the world for 3 months from UniversalYums.com

Learning Life’s Family Diplomacy Initiative connects families worldwide on Facebook to share, dialogue and learn together with an eye to nurturing a more caring world.  Click here to learn more.  

Sponsor “Democracy & Diplomacy for a More Caring World” Event

On October 24, 2021, 12:00-1:30pm (Washington DC/New York time), Learning Life is holding a special worldwide event, “Democracy & Diplomacy for a More Caring World,” live online via Zoom.  We’re aiming for the event to attract at least 150 participants in metro Washington DC, the USA, and across the world. Interested individuals, businesses and nonprofits are invited to sponsor the event. Sponsorship levels and benefits are laid out in the chart below:

Benefits / Sponsor LevelDiplomat 
Recognition at sponsor level on Learning Life’s website,
social media pages, e-news, and event ticket page*
Recognition at sponsor level during the live event
Custom message in event e-program shared widely online prior to event*1/4 page1/2 pageFull page
Unique positioning as top sponsor**
3-minute audience engagement at live event (if desired)**

*Sponsors will each be recognized by their individual or organizational name, and when space allows, by their preferred title and organization (individual), or tagline (organizations).  Learning Life has 30,000+ followers in metro DC and beyond through its website, monthly e-news, and social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).

**Learning Life is offering only one Ambassador-level sponsorship, and that unique position comes with the most prominent sponsor placement in all our event communications, plus the option during the event to speak personally and directly with our live audience in metro Washington DC, and worldwide.

To sponsor the event, contact us at email@learninglife.info to arrange promotion details, then go to our event ticket page to register and pay.