Seeking Foreign Partners to Co-Organize Live, International Dialogues

About Learning Life & Its Citizen Diplomacy Initiative

Based in Washington DC in the USA, Learning Life is an educational nonprofit that seeks to spread learning in everyday life beyond school walls.  Learning Life’s Citizen Diplomacy Initiative (CDI) engages lower-income American families in live internet dialogues and project collaborations with similar families in other nations free of charge.  Through these dialogues and project collaborations, Learning Life aims to nurture more informed, skilled, connected and caring global citizens in the long-term.         

How CDI Works

Dialogue with Senegalese familyCDI puts eligible American families, starting in Washington, D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8, in live video dialogue with families in other nations.  The dialogues occur about twice times per month, usually on Saturdays or Sundays, and last about two hours.  The dialogues take place in the families’ homes, or in a quiet place nearby (e.g., library, office, community center) if more than one family is participating in the same locality.

The families first engage in a “get to know you” dialogue in which they introduce themselves and are free to ask respectful questions to learn more about each other.  After this introductory dialogue, the families have the opportunity to collaborate on varied projects (e.g., a photo album offering their international perspectives on community change) intended to develop their knowledge and civic skills (e.g., photography, video, research, writing, public presentation, event organizing) as they work together locally and internationally.  

Learning Life volunteer dialogue moderators, language interpreters and project consultants support the families in their dialogues and projects.   Families that stick with the dialogues and projects over months and years gradually build a portfolio of project experiences and products (e.g., photo albums, videos, articles, reports, art, events) that document their developing local and international interests, knowledge, skills, and social connections.     

Parents or families are not paid to participate; they must be interested in participating for the benefit of their children.  Benefits include the ability to practice English, learn more about American society, make valuable social connections, and work on skills-building and resume-enhancing projects that can open doors to better schools and jobs.      

Seeking Partners & Families

Families in El SalvadorLearning Life is looking for interested (a) community organizations outside the USA willing to co-organize live dialogues between American families in the USA and families in their own community, and (b) families abroad willing to participate in the live dialogues.    

Families must have:

(a) At least one parent/legal guardian or mentor, and one or more children ages 10-18 willing to participate.

(b) A total household income of less than their country’s median annual household income.

(c) Parents with less than 4 years of university leading to a degree

(d) Taken no more than two vacation flights outside their country as a family.

(e) Have few or no contacts (family or friends) outside their country with whom the family communicates.

For more information, contact Learning Life’s Director, Paul Lachelier, via email at Please include a telephone number and/or Skype address at which you can be reached, and best times to call.