Intern Spotlight: Saniya Chitale

Special thanks to Learning Life Content Writer Craig Gusmann for drafting Saniya’s profile.

Born and raised in India, Saniya is now a student of the world. She began traveling at a young age with her family and her love of foreign cultures spurred her interest in analyzing international marketing trends.

Saniya ChitaleAfter completing high school in India, Saniya moved to Madison, Wisconsin to begin her undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin, receiving her bachelor’s in industrial engineering in 2013.  Upon graduating, Saniya moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue her passion for culture and marketing as a Master’s student in Communication, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University.  She is now in her second and final year as a CC&T Master’s student at Georgetown.

This past summer, Saniya helped Learning Life research and draft a review of research on the use of surfaces like posters and billboards for advertising to or educating publics.  She also assisted with social media promotion and research on competitors and potential partners.

Saniya was kind enough to answer some questions that shed light on her past, present and future.

Where were you born?  Pune, India

What are your hobbies?  My father has instilled a love of travel in me. I’ve been to Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America and hope to continue my travels after I graduate.  I am fascinated by diverse cultures and hope to experience and understand the influence of culture on marketing. I also love scuba diving, sky diving, tennis, and swimming.

What is your fondest childhood memory?  My fondest childhood memory was scuba diving through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef [the world’s largest coral reef system] was the most beautiful experience of my life. Sky diving, on the other hand, was the most thrilling experience of my life.

What does your future hold?  After I finish my Master’s Degree, I hope to merge the two things I’m most passionate about: engineering and marketing. I would like to utilize technical and statistical methodologies to analyze market segments across the globe.  I see marketing as an opportunity to study consumer behavior and how culture and technology influence the choices people make in terms of brand preference.

What drew you to Learning Life?  Given my strong belief in education’s power to enhance an individual’s life and enable him or her to reach their highest potential, I was drawn to Learning Life’s idea of spreading education in such an unconventional way, on everyday surfaces like napkins and placemats.