Partner with Learning Life

Learning Life welcomes conversations about possible partnership.  Here are some of the ways we have partnered with other organizations to the benefit of our organization, or our three programs/communities, (1) the Democracy Learning Community (DLC) in the Washington DC area, and online internationally, the Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) and Citizen Diplomacy International (CDI):

  1. Help recruit participants to our communities from among your members and/or network, and in exchange, your members get free or lower-cost access to our communities.
  2. Recommend alumni of your shorter-term programs to our three long-term communities in exchange for free or lower-cost access to our programs.
  3. Recommend experienced professionals in the USA or abroad to serve on our Board of Advisors or Board of Directors.
  4. Co-arrange dialogues between our community/program members and yours.
  5. Co-organize an event.
  6. Provide free or low-cost space for one of our community events in exchange for publicity and participation in that event.
  7. Co-publicize our respective programs.
  8. Provide relevant, free expertise or skill-building training to our community members and/or at our community events.
  9. Provide professional volunteers or student interns to help carry out our community events, research, planning, strategy, fundraising, etc.
  10. Sponsor our DLC, FDI or CDI communities.

To schedule a partnership conversation, please email us at