Call to Families: Become Int’l Family Diplomats

Like family, learning, and connecting with the world?


Have an issue your family faces that you care about, that other families also face, and about which you are willing to share and advocate?


Have a parent, grandparent, child, sibling, or cousin you get along with who feels the same way, and/or wants to gain international experience?

Learning Life, a Washington DC-based educational nonprofit, is looking for families with two or more family members (parent(s) and child/ren, grandparent(s) and grandchild/ren, siblings, cousins, etc.) who would like to participate in our Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) as international family diplomats (FDs).
Launched in 2016, Learning Life’s FDI is an ambitious, long-term effort to connect, train and empower a growing international corps of family diplomats to participate in decision-making at local to global levels.  We envision a world more connected and caring because every family has one or more family diplomats, and those citizen diplomats advocate effectively via nonprofits, businesses, media and governments for the needs, concerns and aspirations of families worldwide.
FDs are volunteers worldwide who:
(1) Join our growing online international Facebook community of caring, young-to-old FDs, and
(2) Come together via Zoom weekly for 1.5 hours at 12:00-1:30pm EST (New York/Washington DC time) on Sundays in July-October to learn about citizen diplomacy, trends, patterns and issues facing families worldwide, and communication/advocacy skills (with a focus on storytelling), with an eye to becoming advocates for families worldwide facing similar issues, from depression, disability or discrimination, to displacement, war, or climate change.
Next FD cohort will begin meeting in July 2023.  Learn more and apply to become an FD, or share this invitation with families who may qualify and be interested.
Individuals are welcome to apply, but because this is family diplomacy, preference will be given to two or more family members who wish to participate together. Participation is free, though we ask families and individuals that can afford it to contribute here $100, $150, $250, $500, $1,000 or what you can afford to help cover the cost of organizing and growing FDI.
Individuals and families (and organizations) that do not want to participate but want to support FDI can sponsor a FD starting at $250.