Support Learning Life: Host a Diplomacy Dessert

In our unequal, insecure world, Learning Life’s Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI) connects families worldwide across lines of country, class, race and religion via the internet to share and learn together for a more caring world.  One of the most fun, social ways to support family diplomacy is by hosting what we call a “Diplomacy Dessert.”

Diplomacy Dessert hosts invite their friends, family and/or colleagues on a weekend afternoon for 1-3 hours to socialize, learn about family diplomacy, and enjoy dessert in-person at the host’s home or online via Zoom or another platform.  As host, you have the option to charge a minimum entry fee (e.g., $25, $50, $100, $250, or else — you set the amount) for the event to cover event costs and/or to support Learning Life via our donation page.

Diplomacy Dessert

Diplomacy Desserts can be organized anywhere in the world.  If you live anywhere in metro Washington DC, Learning Life’s founder, Dr. Paul Lachelier, can present to your group live in-person.  Outside of metro DC, Paul can present to your in-person or online group via Zoom, Facebook, Skype or any other platform suitable for screen sharing.  Just make sure your internet connection is strong enough for live video streaming.

The process of hosting a Diplomacy Dessert can be summarized in five steps:

    1. Create a list of friends, family and/or colleagues you would like to invite to your Diplomacy Dessert. A minimum of ten people should RSVP their plans to attend.
    2. Consult with Learning Life to set a date, time and agenda for your Diplomacy Dessert.  We recommend setting aside 1-3 hours: the first 30-60 minutes for socializing, 30-60 minutes for family diplomacy presentation and discussion, and any remaining time for further socializing.
    3. Send out your Evite, or email invitation to your friends, family and/or colleagues at least two weeks in advance, with a couple of reminders in the days prior to the event.  We can take care of the email invitation for you via Evite if you like, or provide you with an email template.
    4. If in person, make or buy whatever desserts or sweets you think your guests will enjoy.  If online, you can invite your guests to present and eat desserts of their own choosing or on a theme (foreign, French, apples, chocolate, etc.).
    5. Enjoy your Diplomacy Dessert!  At the appointed time, Paul Lachelier, will present on the history, current activities and plans for family diplomacy, plus ways to get involved.

Interested in hosting a Diplomacy Dessert?  Contact us at

Thank you for your support!