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Join here.  When you join, make sure to enter “DDC Member” in the Note box, or “Anonymous DDC Member” if you do not wish to be recognized as a DDC member.

Rising authoritarianism, polarization, disinformation, inequality, not to mention economic insecurity, environmental pollution, and climate change pose serious threats to life on Earth. What is one to do?  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or powerless given how large, intertwined and complex our world is.  But there are things we can do. We can network, learn and act together. We can invest in democracy and diplomacy, because the problems we face demand not demagogues and strongmen, but rather citizens and diplomats.

Building on the 30,000+ people worldwide connected with our work, Learning Life is developing a Democracy & Diplomacy Community (DDC) to offer learning and networking events, plus opportunities to mentor and advise youth, share your work with a wider audience, and advance democracy and diplomacy at local to global levels.  DDC members receive:

1. Access to DDC online events, like Citizen Diplomacy International, and occasional discussions with authors, experts, scholars and peers that foster professional learning and networking.

2. Invitations to and discounts on in-person DDC events in metro Washington DC, like our Democracy Dinners.

3. Priority eligibility for Learning Life internships and our Democracy Fellowship.

4. Opportunities to promote your own, or your organization’s democracy or citizen diplomacy articles, books, reports and events.

5. The chance to engage yourself, your child, clients or students in international citizen diplomacy as family diplomats.

6. Access to our growing online lists of citizen diplomacy organizations, scholars, journalists, articles, reports, books, podcasts and videos worldwide.

7. Opportunities to sponsor the Democracy & Diplomacy Community, or to sponsor one of Learning Life’s international Family Diplomats when you give $250 or more, or your organization gives $1,000 or more.

8. Recognition as a member of the DDC via Learning Life’s website and social media.

A one-year (twelve months from date of payment) DDC membership is $100.  Membership is $50 for students, retirees, and the unemployed.  Two-year membership is $180, and $90 for students, retirees, and the unemployed.  

Bulk membership discounts are available to organizations and institutions interested in providing the learning and networking benefits of the DDC to their members.  Contact us at for details.

Last but not least, if you decide to join us, please join with this DDC credo in mind:

I join the DDC because our divided and distracted world needs connection rather than fear, caring rather than threats, collaboration more than competition, learning more than distraction, signia more than trivia, citizens as much as consumers, diplomats rather than demagogues.  Through the DDC, I pledge to connect, learn, and collaborate to help advance democracy and diplomacy for a more caring world. 

Join here.  When you join, make sure to enter “DDC Member” in the Note box, or “Anonymous DDC Member” if you do not wish to be recognized as a DDC member.