Why does world geography matter? Simply put, geography is destiny. Elements of geography – like climate, elevation, soil quality, population distribution, water and other resource supply – powerfully shape the conditions and prospects of individuals, groups, nations and the world. Geography affects everything, from culture to climate change, from personal health and safety to terrorism and international relations. Plus, it’s important to know about if you want to get anywhere on time. This first, basic Learning Life geography quiz asks about the world’s largest rivers, lakes, oceans, continents, and islands.
Note: Special thanks to Learning Life intern, Kane Boynton, for conducting the research for this quiz, and drafting the questions and answers.

1. What is the longest river in the world?
2. What is the order of continents by size (surface area), from largest to smallest?
3. What is the largest lake in the world, by surface area?
4. What is the correct number of the world’s oceans, and what is the correct order of their respective sizes (surface area), from largest to smallest?
5. What is the largest island in the world, by surface area?