Become a Learning Life Volunteer

Learning Life is devoted to innovating education and citizen engagement beyond school walls.  We believe a more just, happy and peaceful world comes when people are learning about and engaging with the wider world not just in school or at work, but in everyday life, such as in families, with caring mentors, and in regular conversation with fellow citizens, local to global.  That’s why we work to advance our Family Diplomacy Initiative, International Mentoring Program, and Democracy Dinners.  Below are some ways you can become a Learning Life Volunteer with one or more of these three programs.

If you would like to be recognized as a Learning Life Volunteer, contact us at to get a letter certifying your Volunteer role on Learning Life letterhead.  You can also connect directly with Learning Life’s founder and director, Paul Lachelier, on Linkedin.  Paul is happy to write a one-paragraph recommendation on Linkedin for Volunteers who can clearly demonstrate that they have significantly contributed to Learning Life in one or more specific, measurable ways.

Family Diplomacy InitiativeFamily Diplomacy Initiative

Learning Life’s Family Diplomacy Initiative connects families on Facebook across lines of country, class and race to share and learn about the world together.  Here are ways you can help advance FDI:

(1) Participate in FDI projects, like the 2020 food culture project.  Your project participation helps all FDI participants and observers learn about our world.

(2) Like/love, comment (offer your constructive thoughts), and ask questions of other families participating in FDI project on Facebook.  That helps everyone learn, shows FDI-participating families that their project contributions are read and appreciated, and increases FDI’s profile on Facebook.

(3) Encourage people you know to join our Facebook FDI Group.  FDI is for all families worldwide to share and learn, so we would love more families to join and participate.

(4) Connect Learning Life with organizations and donors that can help fund FDI, or increase the number of FDI participants and their engagement.

International Mentoring ProgramInternational Mentoring Program

Learning Life’s International Mentoring Program helps open the world to children from lower-income families by connecting them with caring adults, many of them working professionals in international affairs.  Here are ways you can help advance our Mentoring Program:

(1) If you live in metro Washington DC, you can become a Learning Life Mentor, or encourage other caring adults in the DC area to become a Mentor by forwarding them to our Mentor Program page (link above).

(2) Anyone anywhere in the world with good internet connection can become a Virtual Tour Guide for our mentors and mentees.  Learning Life Guides help our mentors and their mentees or families to explore their own local communities and cultures live online.

(3) Connect Learning Life with individuals and organizations that can help us recruit qualified mentors or mentees, financially support our Mentoring Program, or coordinate with us to build a larger pipeline into international affairs careers for kids from lower-income families in metro DC.

Democracy DinnersDemocracy Dinners

Learning Life’s Democracy Dinners bring together democracy sector academics, activists, professionals and elected officials in the Washington DC metro area to engage in deeper conversations in small groups about the challenges and possibilities for democracy at local to global levels.  Here are ways you can help advance the Democracy Dinners:

(1) Share our Democracy Dinners program page (link above) with academics, activists, professionals and elected officials (elected at school and city to country levels) you know in metro DC  who may be interested, and invite them to request to join the Dinners invitation list.  Any person who lives in metro DC and works or has worked in the democracy sector is welcome to join.  We send Dinner invitations via email every two months.

(2) Connect Learning Life with restaurants and democracy sector individuals and organizations that may be interested in sponsoring one or more Democracy Dinners.  Sponsored Dinners can be tailored to democracy themes or questions of interest to the sponsor.

To become a Learning Life Volunteer, please contact us at, and let us know where you live plus which of the ways above you would like to help.  Thank you!

Learning Life provides equal opportunities to all volunteers, interns and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in according with applicable federal, state and local laws.  This policy applies to all terms and conditions of volunteering and interning, including, but not limited to, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation, and training.