This Sunday: Join Our Family World Food Talk Live!

Learning Life is pleased to announce that this Sunday, November 15, 10:30am-12:00pm EST, we will be hosting our Family Diplomacy Initiative‘s (FDI) first live event via Zoom. The event will bring together some of the growing number of families worldwide who are part of FDI on Facebook to discuss preliminary findings of our international food culture project. The detailed meeting agenda and Zoom link are below. Please let us know at if you plan to join us with your family!


On Sunday, November 15, at 10:30am EST (Washington DC/New York time), please join us via Zoom here.

Family introductions 

To introduce your family, please briefly indicate: 

  1. Each family member’s name, and family relation (e.g., mother, father, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, etc.)
  2. The city and country you live in  

Pets are welcome if you consider them part of your family.  As you prefer, one person in your family can introduce everyone, or each person in your family can introduce themselves.

Photo time! 

We will take group photos to show some of the many families connected with Learning Life and our Family Diplomacy Initiative (FDI).

The photos will be used to help publicize and grow FDI. If you are willing to help grow FDI by having your family in the photos, please let your family know in advance of this meeting, and have them ready to gather in front of your phone or laptop so we can take the photos.  If you would rather not be in the photo, you can turn off your video while we take the photos.  

Brief presentations: FDI and the 2020 world food project 

  1. About FDI and the food project 
  2. Numbers and country origins of FDI members, and food project participants
  3. A first look at the project’s participant and food culture e-books 

Let’s talk food! Discussion of the world food project 

We will briefly report some interesting early project findings.  Then, we will spend up to 30 minutes in an open discussion of the following questions: 

  • For those of you participating in the project: what have you found most interesting?
  • Whether you are participating in the project or not:
    • What do you think of these early findings?
    • What do you observe about world food differences? You might consider any of our six project questions below, and think about how you’d answer any of the questions, and how you think families in other parts of the world might answer these questions differently.  

The food project questions:

  1. What does a typical breakfast look like in your family?
  2. What does a typical dinner look like in your family?
  3. What is a food trend happening in your country?  A food trend is any new and popular food or way of eating.
  4. What is a “comfort food” that your family often eats?  A comfort food is a food your family finds comforting to eat.  
  5. What is a food people eat in your country that you think foreigners may consider odd or unusual?
  6. What is a holiday your family celebrates, and what is a dish your family likes to make or buy for that holiday?

What comes next?  

We will explain what comes next in the food culture project this year, and tentative plans for the Family Diplomacy Initiative in 2021.