U.S. elections for the U.S. House, Senate and President are arguably the most important elections in the world, given the continued influence of the USA in the world politically, economically and culturally, and the large role the U.S. government plays in exercising that influence.  The following quiz thus tests your knowledge of some basics about U.S. elections and government.     

Thanks to Learning Life intern Samantha MacFarlane for helping to research and write this quiz.  

1. How many U.S. Representatives and Senators are there in the U.S. Congress?


2. How long are the terms of office of U.S. Representatives and Senators (i.e., for how long are they elected)?


3. How many terms can U.S. Presidents serve, and how long is a term?



4. True or False: So-called  “mid-term” elections happen in between presidential elections and elect some Representatives, Senators, as well as state and local officials.  


5. True/False: In a caucus, party voters meet to select party delegates who will vote for their party voters’ favorite candidate.  In primaries, voters vote directly for their favorite candidate.