Electric energyEverything we have and do requires energy, from eating food and the foods we eat, to working and our workplaces, to driving and the cars we drive.

Further, human beings consume more energy now than ever in human history because we have more people, more stuff (more toys, technology, clothes, cars, etc.), and we depend much less on our muscles and much more on machines to get things done. Thus, humans now more than ever depend on lots of cheap energy, and without abundant cheap energy, we can’t have and do all we want.

For these reasons, energy is arguably the most important issue in the contemporary world.

How much do you know about energy?


1. Nowadays, countries get most of their energy from all the following sources, except:


2. True or False? Some energy sources are renewable and some are not. The difference between the two is that a renewable energy source is naturally replenished while a non-renewable energy source is not.


3. All of the following are renewable energy sources, except:


4. What is the single biggest source of energy in the United States?


5. Which country consumes the most energy per person?