The unemployment rate is a key indicator of the health of any economy, and a harbinger of social ills: as the unemployment rate rises all kinds of social problems tend to grow, like poverty, crime, delinquency, alcoholism and domestic violence.  Despite its importance, defining the unemployment rate — especially who is considered employed and unemployed — is more complex than one might imagine, and the U.S. Government’s definition may surprise you.  Take this quiz to find out how much you know about how unemployment is defined in the USA.

Special thanks to Learning Life intern Kane Boynton for drafting this quiz, and to Learning Life Content Writer Craig Gusmann for editing the quiz.

1. All of the following people are taken into account in determining the U.S. unemployment rate except:


2. All of the following are examples of unemployed people, except:


3. All of the following are examples of employed people, except:


4. How does the U.S. government measure the unemployment rate?


5. True or False: People who do not have a paying job, but are taking a job training course and are actively looking for job openings on the internet are considered unemployed.