Why learn about crime? Many people are fascinated by the worst of crimes and criminals. But learning about the full range of crimes, including their rates, contexts, causes and consequences can help not only a person to avoid becoming a crime victim, but a group of people to reduce crime in their neighborhood and beyond. This quiz explores the incidence of crime as well as how crime is reported in the United States.


1. True or False? Victimization surveys generally provide a more accurate measure of actual crime rates than professional police reports.


2. True or False? The rate of violent crime in the United States has gradually increased since the early 1990s.


3. True or False? Crime rates tend to be higher in urban areas than suburban or rural areas.


4. Which of the following occupations is not at highest risk of workplace violence?


5. True or False? The majority of violent hate crimes are interracial, while the majority of non-hate violent crimes are intraracial (i.e., within the same race).