Without the Sun life on Earth could not exist. The Sun heats our planet, provides light for us to see, gives us the energy needed for our food to grow, brings us summer, and provides other important or essential things we may take for granted. Scientists have been studying the Sun for centuries, and have recently learned much about its chemical composition, relationship to other stars, and more. How much do you know about this indispensable piece of our sky?

Special thanks to Learning Life intern, Craig Gusmann, for researching and drafting this quiz.    

1. One Astronomical Unit (AU) is 150 billion kilometers, or about 93 million miles. How many AUs is the Earth from our Sun?


2. Approximately how many Earths can fit inside the sun?


3. Approximately how hot is the Sun’s core, in degrees Fahrenheit?


4. What gas makes up over 90% of our Sun?


5. How old is our Sun, in years?