Why learn about animals? For those who love animals, the answer is easy: because animals are fascinating and in many cases adorable. But for those who don’t love animals, animals are nonetheless windows into our own human animal bodies and lives. And, as has been said, one measure of any human civilization is how it treats its animals. Thus, the more we know about animals, the more we may respect them, and understand ourselves.


1. True or False? The puma (a species of cat) can kill and drag prey up to seven times its own weight.


2. True or False? Elephants don’t lie down to sleep. They sleep standing up.


3. True or False? Because gorillas and human beings are so closely related, infant gorillas in zoos sometimes get the same disease inoculations as human babies.


4. Almost all mammals are warm-blooded (they maintain their body temperature in different outside temperatures), but there is one mammal which is cold-blooded (its body temperature varies with outside temperatures). What is that cold-blooded mammal?


5. True or False? Wolves howl to keep their wolf pack together, and to stimulate a hunt for prey.