New Video about Learning Life Released

Learning Life is pleased to announce the release of a new video about our organization. 

In the video, Learning Life’s founder, Paul Lachelier, lays out the challenges Learning Life tackles:

“Across the world, most people live in communities segregated by class, race, religion and other social divides.  That segregation breeds distrust, inequality and polarization. 

“At the same time, many people across the world feel powerless in the face of so many big, deadly problems, from crime and terrorism, to war, disease and climate change. 

“In the midst of such problems, a lot of people spend a lot of time on screens to find entertainment and escape, drawing an ever sharper distinction between absorbing digital distractions and often frustrating yet inescapable realities.  And that digital distraction is fueling social disconnection, loneliness and depression, among other problems.   

“In our increasingly diverse, interdependent world, we need places to connect meaningfully, online and in-person, across lines of difference, to learn about each other and to work together toward shared goals.  We need communities where people of all ages feel connected, learn, have fun, and find power and purpose in together addressing our world’s myriad challenges.”

Lachelier then introduces Learning Life’s mission, what distinguishes us from other educational nonprofits, four elements of our approach, and our now three programs.  This year, alongside our Family Diplomacy Initiative, and Democracy Learning Community, Learning Life added a third program — Citizen Diplomacy International — which called for an update to Learning Life’s introductory video.  The new video also includes a wider and more current range of photos and videos.  Please watch the new video on Youtube, like it, and share it: 

Thanks to Learning Life intern and George Mason University Film & Video Studies new graduate Aqwia Harris for working closely with Paul Lachelier to produce this new video.  Congratulations, Aqwia on the video and your graduation!