Get Notice of DC Live International Virtual Exchange Meetings

Are you using or interested in using live international virtual exchange (LIVE) to advance education, development, or civil society engagement?   Learning Life, an educational nonprofit based in DC, is working to establish periodic meetings of live, international, virtual exchange practitioners and other interested parties in the Washington DC metro area. Details about the planned meetings follow below.  

Live international virtual exchangeIf you would like to be notified of these meetings, contact Paul Lachelier at with your name and email address.

Name: DC LIVE Dialogues, or DC LIVE

Purpose: To facilitate communication, sharing and collaboration between LIVE practitioners, researchers, teachers, participants, funders, journalists, and others working in international education, development or civil society arenas in metro Washington DC.      

Proposed Structure: (1) networking for first 15-20 minutes to allow everyone to arrive, (2) 2-3 minute updates (news, what’s going well, challenges, resources, collaboration opportunities) from a representative of each participating organization, (3) open discussion, (4) announcements. 

Day & Time: First meeting will be on Thursday, July 20, 4:30-6pm.  Contact Paul Lachelier at for location details.