This page provides links to Learning Life’s brief facts on current issues, and big questions on which experts offer their insightful views.  Check back for new content!    

Five Facts on…

World Trade
How World Affairs Affect Us All
Cell Phones’ Influence on Social Life
International Migration
Money in American Politics
Mass Shootings in the USA
How Women Fare in the U.S. vs. Other Nations
Net Neutrality & Open Internet
U.S. Presidents’ Executive Orders
Africa’s Population Explosion
Boko Haram
The Problem of “Outer Space Junk”
Global Food Insecurity
The Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant (ISIL)
The Ebola Virus
Unemployment in the USA
Genetic Engineering & Food
Climate Change
U.S. Immigration
Russia & Ukraine
The Demographics of American Women
African American Demographics
Significant Facts on Everything from Climate Change…to Shopping Behavior

Expert Views on Big Questions

Learning Life occasionally interviews experts on what we call “Big Questions,” that is, questions of wide public importance.  For more about this “Big Questions” series, click here.       

What are the ingredients for happiness?
What are the ingredients of career success?
Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?
What are the underlying causes of terrorism?
How big a threat is terrorism?
How does news media reporting shape terrorism and public perception of terrorism?

Upcoming: How and why is economic inequality increasing?
Upcoming: How can students get the most out of their education?