Update on DMV DemFest 2024 Fundraising

Learning Life will be periodically updating this page to report on our progress toward the $50,000 fundraising goal for the first DMV Democracy Festival.  As of June 2, 2024, we have raised nearly 10% of the $50,000 goal.  See the chart below for the more detailed update.  Click here to contribute. For other ways you can help see “Seven Easy Ways You Can Support DemFest” toward the bottom of our DemFest page.     

Gift Size# of Gifts GoalTotal $ Goal$ Raised as of 6/1# of Gifts as of 6/1
$5,0001$5,000$0 0 of 1
$3,0001$3,000$00 of 1
$1,00015$15,000$3,0003 of 15
$50020$10,000$1,0002 of 20
$25040$10,000$7503 of 40
$10070$7,000$2002 of 70
TOTAL147$50,000$4,95010 of 147