Why do acronyms for international organizations matter? Acronyms are abbreviations of names, frequently the first letter of each word in a name. Acronyms are often used for the sake of efficiency or brevity in discussions on television, radio and other media, as well as in public meetings and casual conversations. Thus, it makes sense for individuals to know the meaning of common acronyms in order to better understand what is being discussed. This is perhaps especially true in international relations, which affect us often more than we realize, and in which acronyms are often used to summarize long names of organizations, treaties, policies, etc., The following Learning Life quiz introduces readers to five commonly referenced acronyms and the important international organizations they represent.
Note: Special thanks to Learning Life intern, Kane Boynton, for conducting the research for this quiz, and drafting the questions and answers.

1. What is the IMF?
2. What is UNICEF?
3. What is the ICC?
4. What is NATO?
5. What is the WTO?