Learning Life is a nonprofit educational project devoted to spreading learning in everyday life in innovative ways.  We pursue this mission through our Citizen Diplomacy Initiative that nurtures dialogue and collaboration between families in different nations, and by printing information of public value on everyday surfaces, like napkins and coasters as well as online.

In accord with our mission to spread learning, our website features quizzes, fact sheets, and expert views, which we regularly publicize through our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

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Paul Lachelier, Ph.D.
Founder, Learning Life

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Our Credo

It’s time to rethink education. It’s time to rethink when, where, how and what we learn.

When: Learning doesn’t just happen in youth.  It happens throughout life.

Where: Learning doesn’t just happen in classrooms.  Learning happens everywhere.  It happens when we talk with family, friends and strangers.  It happens when we gaze at cell phones, posters and cereal boxes.  It hap­pens when we watch TV.

How: Learning happens not just deliberately, but incidentally, through conversation, TV and billboards, not just books, teachers and schools.

What: There is now information abundance.  But not all information is equal in value.  There is who said what on TV sitcoms, and there is who said what in history or philosophy.  There is who is dating whom in Holly­wood, and who is helping or hurting whom in the world.  There is who is playing whom in sports, and who is mak­ing what laws that affects us all, for worse or better.  There is trivia, and there is signia.

With signia, people can become smarter workers, consumers and citizens.  Signia is power.

If signia is to spread, let’s make it part of everyday life.

If life is learning, let learning live.