Democracy & Diplomacy Event Draws Participants from 18 Countries Worldwide

On Sunday, October 24, Learning Life’s live international event, “Democracy & Diplomacy for a More Caring World” attracted 74 participants from 18 countries: the USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Germany, Poland, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. 

Participants learned about Learning Life’s democracy and diplomacy work, discussed ways to grow that work, and celebrated some of Learning Life’s outstanding 2021 volunteers across the world, featured below.   

The event also helped Learning Life reach its initial goal of $10,000 raised toward the ultimate goal of $20,000 from individual donors by December 30 of this year. Want to help support Learning Life’s innovative democracy and diplomacy work? You can donate here. We’re asking individuals to donate $100 to $1,000 to help us reach the $20,000 goal.

Learning Life is a Washington DC-based nonprofit devoted to innovating education and citizen engagement.  Our flagship program, the Family Diplomacy Initiative, connects families online across borders to nurture mutual understanding in our divided world.  Our International Mentoring Program connects caring U.S.-based mentors with kids in Washington DC and abroad to help open the world to children from lower-income families.  Our Democracy Dinners bring together metro DC academics, professionals and activists to talk about democracy’s local to global challenges and opportunities amidst authoritarian resurgence.