What We’ve Accomplished, Where We’re Going, & How You Can Help Now

Dear friends,

Last year, I founded Learning Life to nurture a wider culture of learning by spreading knowledge on everyday life surfaces, like napkins, cup sleeves, cereal boxes and metro posters.  In so doing, Learning Life seeks to inform and empower more people by making information that matters to people’s lives – about health, financial literacy and free resources, about science, history, government, etc. – more widely available in everyday life.

Since I founded Learning Life with the help of advisors, volunteers, interns and donors like you we have:

Like Learning Life on Facebook1) Launched Learning Life’s interactive website, monthly e-newsletter (click here for the latest issue), and social media pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest, through which we disseminate educational content daily.  For some of this content, check out and please “like” our Facebook page.  We’re aiming to reach 1,000 likes on Facebook by December 31, and we’re close!

2) Purchased our first educational products (e.g., we’re turning fortune cookies into 13May.SpringForAlex.BusPhilanSum.LLTablevehicles for learning!), developed 30+ quizzes on topics of public importance from U.S. women’s history to world geography, and initiated Q&As with experts on important issues, starting with terrorism.

3) We gained our first partnership with Washington D.C.’s Newseum to spread learning about JFK’s presidency on 10,000 napkins in DC area restaurants, through street theater, and online (more on this soon!).

4) We won a grant from the city of Alexandria, VA to promote its rich local history and museums while supporting local businesses (click here to learn more).

Women'sHistoryAnd, we have big plans for 2014.  We are developing innovative ways to help tackle public problems, and new means to support our work, like fortune cookies that spread knowledge on topics of public value from government essentials to scientific breakthroughs.

But individual donors are vital.  Nearly 3 of every 4 dollars of private funds given to U.S. non-profits every year come from individuals, not foundations or corporations.  Learning Life itself relies on individual donations to fund a good portion of our work.

We’re currently working to raise $12,000 by December 31, and we’re more than two-thirds of the way there!  Would you donate to help us reach goal?   Four $250 donors, ten $100 donors, and fourteen $50 donors would get us to $12,000.  

If you prefer, you can donate a smaller amount (e.g., $10, $20, or $25) monthly at the donation link below.  Recurring monthly donations helps us build our long-term financial sustainability.

Your donation will help pay for our operational costs and our 2014 initiatives.

You can donate online now here.

Or, you can write a check to Learning Life and mail it to Learning Life, P.O. Box 26264, Alexandria VA 22313.

Thank you in advance for helping us reach $12,000 by December 31!

Paul Lachelier, Ph.D.
Founder, Learning Life