Thank You! We Raised the First $4K! Help Us Reach $12K by Dec. 31!

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support!  We reached our goal of raising the first $4,000 of our $12,000 goal by October 15.  We are now working to raise the remaining $8,000 by December 31.

Last year, I founded Learning Life to help nurture a wider culture of learning by spreading knowledge on the surfaces of everyday life.

Since then, with the help of donors, advisors, volunteers and interns, we have:

PEL.BlogPic31) Launched Learning Life’s interactive website

2) Purchased our first educational products, including smart coasters, napkins and cookies

3) Developed 30+ quizzes on varied topics, with two new quizzes added each month

4) Initiated succinct Q&As with experts on important issues, starting with terrorism

5) Established social media pages through which we disseminate educational content daily

6) Issued a monthly e-newsletter keeping our supporters informed

7) Secured our first partnership with DC’s Newseum to promote learning about JFK’s presidency

8) Won a grant from the city of Alexandria, VA to promote its rich local history and businesses

There’s much more and plenty planned through December, including educational street theater and our launch party on November 7, 5:30-8pm at The Lyceum at 201 S. Washington Street in Alexandria, VA (stay tuned for more details!).

I need your help to keep Learning Life moving forward.

Nearly 3 of every 4 dollars of private funds given to U.S. non-profits every year come from individuals, not foundations or corporations.

Learning Life relies in no small part on individual donations.  Your donation will help pay for the launch of our website’s shop page, our trademark application to protect Learning Life’s name, our non-profit incorporation, our November 7 launch party, and planned holiday educational initiatives.  Some of these investments will generate revenue, so your donation will go farther.

So, I’ve got an important question for you:

Would you donate $50, $100, $200, or whatever you can afford to help us reach our $12,000 goal by December 31?  As of October 15, we are now a third of the way there!  With your help, we’ll make it to $12,000 by December 31, and we’ll recognize each of you who donate on our website’s “Our Supporters” page.

You can donate online now here.  Or, you can write a check to Learning Life and mail it to Learning Life, P.O. Box 26264, Alexandria VA 22313.

Thank you for your support!

Paul Lachelier, Ph.D.
Founder, Learning Life