FDI Facebook Community Rules

The rules below are intended to encourage good conduct and nurture a safe space for communication and learning in the Family Diplomacy Initiative’s Facebook Group.

1. Focus on families and family diplomacy!

All posts should be about families or family diplomacy! This is what our community is for, and this helps us learn about your culture and the world! You’re welcome to introduce us to your family, or talk about family culture, challenges, etc.

Family diplomacy means: 

1. Families talking and learning together across lines of country, class, race, and religion.

2. Families publicly voicing their own and other families’ concerns and aspirations.

3. Families participating in the decisions that affect their lives via local to global nonprofits, governments and businesses.

2. No promotions or requests for funding

We don’t accept promotions of other nonprofits or businesses, nor requests for donations, grants, materials, etc.

3. Be kind, caring, & curious

Be kind and caring in your posts, comments, and questions. Also, be curious! We welcome your questions as they will help us all learn. 

4. Ask for consent

As a family of families, everyone should feel safe here. Please ask for consent first if you would like to privately message someone from our group.

Example: “Hi, do you mind if I ask you a question about your profile?”

5. Publicity & Copyright 

Anything you post is public. Learning Life reserves the right to record, copy, and share any content posted to this group in order to publicize, promote, and evaluate our Family Diplomacy Initiative.

6. Removal

Learning Life reserves the right to promptly remove or block anyone for any reason, and without explanation. Attempting to post inappropriate content is one sure way to be removed.


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