Donor Spotlight: Arielle Mohammed

It may come as a surprise, but Learning Life’s most faithful and generous donor is a 23-year old recent college graduate.  Her name is Arielle Mohammed.

Arielle graduated in May 2012 from Stetson University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.  It is in Stetson’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology that Arielle met Learning Life’s founder, Paul Lachelier.  Arielle took two courses with Paul – Sociological  Theories, and Power & Evil – and through these courses and thereafter, they developed a friendship that endures to this day.  (Per his request though, she now calls him Paul, rather than Dr. Lachelier.)

Arielle MohammedDespite her solid performance as a student, like many recent college graduates in our down economy, Arielle has struggled to find work she can love.  Upon graduation, she initially worked full-time as a 7-11 sales associate.  Her productivity, dependability and kindness at 7-11 recently earned her a better position as a receptionist at a dental office, where she is excited to work with a supportive administrative team.

At Stetson, Arielle worked for the university’s recycling program throughout her college years, becoming a team leader in her junior and senior year.  As team leader, she helped Stetson achieve third place in Spring 2011 in the RecycleMania competition involving 600 schools nationwide.

As a devout yet tolerant Catholic, Arielle volunteered with the Jewish Student Organization as she helped lead Stetson’s Catholic Campus Ministry, becoming Vice-President in her junior year, and President in her senior year.  In her work as a young Catholic leader, Arielle wrote letters to the imprisoned, helped fundraise for food pantries, served in soup kitchens, and traveled to Honduras to help rebuild and renovate buildings at a parochial school.

Asked why she donates monthly and generously to Learning Life, Arielle responds:

“Besides knowing Paul Lachelier for quite some time, Learning Life greatly appeals to me.  I have always been drawn to learning and knowledge.  Learning should not be constrained behind classroom doors.  It should be free and open to all.  Learning Life is bringing innovative ways of spreading knowledge, and reminding us of the importance of learning.”

For all these reasons, we at Learning Life admire Arielle, are very grateful for her support, and wish her the very best in her young career.

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