Live, USA-El Salvador, family-to-family dialogueBased in Washington DC, Learning Life is an educational nonprofit that spreads learning in everyday life beyond school walls. Learning Life’s flagship program, the Citizen Diplomacy Initiative, engages lower-income American families, starting in DC’s Ward 8, in live internet dialogues and project collaborations with lower-income families in other nations free of charge.  The goal is to nurture more caring and capable global citizens in the long-term.  Key details about CDI are:

  1. Families complete international projects together to practice resume-building skills like photography, video-making, interviewing, internet research, writing, public speaking, etc.
  2. The projects last 3-5 months. The live, international, family-to-family dialogues help accomplish the projects, and occur up to twice per month, on Saturdays or Sundays at your home, an office, or library.
  3. All the dialogues are assisted by a Learning Life moderator, who leads the dialogue, and if needed, a language interpreter to translate from English to the foreign language and vice versa.
  4. Participation in CDI is voluntary.  Families can stop participating at any time.
Eligibility & Benefits to Children & FamiliesFamily in Dakar, Senegal

To be eligible, families must have:

  1. Residence in Washington DC’s Ward 8.
  2. At least one parent, legal guardian, or adult mentor and one child 10-18 willing to participate.
  3. Household income of less than $58,000/year.
  4. Parents with less than a bachelor’s degree.
  5. Traveled little if at all outside the USA.
  6. Few if any contacts in other countries.

Benefits of participation:

  1. Provides children and their parents, legal guardians or mentors the chance to bond by learning together.
  2. Helps participants learn more about themselves, their community, their country, and the world.
  3. Gives families access to mentors, language interpreters, project advisors and others who can help families learn better and access resources.
  4. Offers an international experience that can help open doors to better schools and jobs.
  5. May boost children’s interest, confidence and performance in school and everyday life by increasing their knowledge, skill and engagement with the world.
  6. Helps participants to improve their community and the world through dialogue and collaboration.
Family in Jerash, JordanThe Responsibilities of Participation
  1. Regularly attend the CDI dialogues and any supportive activities.
  2. Complete periodic research surveys to help Learning Life assess the impact of CDI.
  3. Allow Learning Life staff to take photos and videos to document CDI activities and impact.
  4. Respond promptly (preferably within 24 hours) to Learning Life staff questions via text, call or email.

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